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Temperature and Heat, Are They the Same?

Temperature and Heat, Are They the Same

Temperature and Heat, Are They the Same? – What is temperature and heat? Are they the same? Let’s see an explanation below!

Difference Between Temperature and Heat

We often feel hot, cold, warm, and normal. The heat level can increase or decrease. The heat level of an object will increase when an object is heated, and the heat level of an object will decrease when an object is cooled.

The degree of heat of an object is called temperature. Hot objects have a high temperature and cold objects have a low temperature.

Meanwhile, heat is a type of energy that can be transferred from one object to another due to temperature differences.

For example, when we want to take a warm shower, what we usually do is boil hot water and mix it with cold water. Then, we measure the temperature of the mixed water. When mixed, the heat energy in the hot water will move to colder water so that it reaches a balanced temperature. The water temperature becomes relatively the same because the hot water temperature drops and the cold water temperature rises.

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Temperature and Heat Measuring Instrument

We can feel the heat and cold of an object through the sense of touch. However, can our touch measure the temperature of an object?

The ability of the sense of touch to determine the temperature of objects is limited. The sense of touch cannot measure the temperature of an object accurately.

The temperature of an object can be measured and known precisely by using a thermometer. Meanwhile, a tool to measure heat or heat is called a calorimeter.

The inventor of the thermometer was Galileo, an Italian scientist in 1592. His thermometer was called a thermoscope.

Then, the thermometer developed through the discovery of several other scientists, namely Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, who discovered the Fahrenheit scale, Anders Celsius, who discovered the Celsius scale, and Rene Antonie de Reaumur, who discovered the Reamur scale.

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Thermometers are made based on the properties of objects that can change (expand or shrink due to changes in temperature). The thermometer commonly used in everyday life is a thermometer made of a glass tube filled with a liquid.

Liquids can change in volume, which expands when heated and contracts when cooled. The most common liquids used to fill thermometer tubes are alcohol and mercury.

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Units of Temperature

The temperature of an object is usually expressed in units of degrees Celsius (°C). Other temperature units are Kelvin (K), Fahrenheit (°F), and Reamur (°R).

On the Celsius scale, 0 °C is the temperature at which water freezes, and 100 °C is the temperature at which water boils.

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Well, above are various brief explanations about temperature and heat. Now you already understand the difference, measuring tools, and understand the units of measure.