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Benefits of Solar Energy for Humans and Life on Earth

Benefits of Solar Energy for Humans and Life on Earth

Benefits of Solar Energy for Humans and Life on Earth – There are so many benefits of solar energy for humans and life on earth. Let’s find out more what are the benefits!

The life of the universe cannot be separated from the role of the sun, including the earth we live in. The sun plays an important role in the wheel of life on Earth. The most important is as a sign of the changing times of day and night.

Although the distance is very far from the earth, but the benefits are very close to humans. Imagine if there was no sun in this galaxy? Maybe forever will look like night!

In addition, the sun also has many other benefits in human life and other living things. Anything? Let’s read the benefits of solar energy for humans and life on earth!

1. Solar Power

First, the benefits of solar energy for humans is to produce solar power.It is useful as a light source at night and powering other electronic devices. Remember, in this modern era, humans cannot be separated from electronic devices.

The use of solar power is very good for the environment. There are no greenhouse gases or water pollution from the use of solar power. In fact, solar energy is a type of renewable energy whose free and unlimited.

2. Giving Light

The earth is bright and that’s a sign for activity!

Just imagine, if there is no solar energy in the form of light, the world will be dark. As a result, the entire human race will not be able to see anything in the surrounding environment. This is of course different from a light source from a lamp which requires electrical energy first.

Most human activities or other living things depend on light. Except for nocturnal animals that are active in the dark.

3. Source of Vitamin D

Many people refer to vitamin D as the “sunshine vitamin.” That’s true!

Vitamin D from sunlight is one of the best sources of the nutrient. The skin has a type of cholesterol that functions as a building block for vitamin D. When this compound is exposed to UV-B radiation from the sun, it becomes vitamin D.

Vitamin D from sunlight can circulate twice as long as vitamin D from food or supplements. However, the amount of vitamin D the body can make depends on several factors such as age, season, sunscreen, and clothing.

In addition, vitamin D is also good for bone strength.

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4. Photosynthesis

In addition to humans who need sunlight, plants also need it.

Plants need sunlight for their photosynthesis. More precisely, to make food reserves.

The process of photosynthesis in plants begins with the absorption of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. Leaves are the place where photosynthesis takes place.

All materials such as water, nutrients, and chloroplasts will mix and produce food reserves for plants.

5. Warms the Animal Body

Solar energy is beneficial for animal health as well. One of them is in cold-blooded animals, such as reptiles, fish and amphibians.

Cold-blooded animals use the sun’s heat energy to warm their bodies. So, don’t be surprised if you often see animals sunbathing in the heat of the sun!

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6. Climate Change

One of the benefits of solar energy for the earth is to regulate climate change. The position and location of the sun greatly affect climate change on earth.

When the position of the earth is near the sun, it will be summer. On the other hand, when the position of the earth is away from the sun, it will be winter.

However, not all areas have the same climate. Some areas of the Earth experience freezing snowfall, on the other hand, people experience extreme heat. Yes, it all depends on the position and location of the sun.

7. Helping Human Life

There’s a lot that solar energy can do – even rely too much. For example:

  • Drying clothes
  • Drying food
  • Makes the ground dry
  • Telling the time
  • And others

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Well, above are some of the benefits of solar energy for humans and life on earth.