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Sources of Thermal Energy on Earth

Sources of Thermal Energy on Earth

Sources of Thermal Energy on Earth – Let’s get to know more about the sources of thermal energy on earth.

Thermal energy is one type of energy around us. Thermal energy can’t be seen, but we can feel it. This energy comes from heat energy sources.

Humans use this heat energy for various purposes. But not only humans, animals and plants also use heat for their lives.

Several sources of thermal energy, including the sun, fire, electricity, friction, and geothermal. Let’s see the list of thermal energy sources!


The sun is an infinite source of heat and light energy. Without it, we will live in darkness.

Heat from the sun is very useful and sustains life on earth. Humans, animals and plants need heat from the sun.

Heat energy and sunlight is used for various daily purposes. For example, photosynthesis for plants, warming the body, drying clothes, or drying food traditionally.

In some areas of the earth, there are countries that get perfect sunlight throughout the year, but in some areas only get it at certain times.


Next, the source of thermal energy on earth comes from fire. Fire is the light and heat that comes out when something burns.

One object that can produce fire is a stove. Try to hold your hand near the burning stove, surely you will feel the warmth in your hand. Actually, the fire that comes from the stove is only for cooking purposes. The stove fire can come from gas, coal, or oil.

Humans need fire to make their lives easier, but on the other hand, fire can also be destructive if used carelessly. For example, building fires, forest fires, and people injured due to sparks. So, be careful when it comes to fire.


Thermal energy can also be generated by electricity. Through a set of electronic circuits, electrical energy can be converted into heat energy.

One of the electronic devices that can generate heat is an iron. The iron will generate heat, which is useful for smoothing clothes, so they don’t wrinkle.

Some examples of other electronic devices that can generate heat are electric stoves, air heaters and water heaters.

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Friction between two objects will produce heat. The amount of heat generated depends on the rough or soft surface of the rubbing object. The rougher the surface of the object, the more heat it produces.

In ancient times, humans produced fire by rubbing two objects together. Commonly used objects are wood for wood, or stone for stone. The friction of the two objects will produce heat, over time the heat from the friction will create sparks.


Geothermal comes from heat stored in the earth as a result of the formation of volcanoes.

In addition, this heat also comes from the sun, which is absorbed by the earth’s surface.

Geothermal energy is also used by humans to generate electricity. It’s called a geothermal power plant.

One of the countries in the world that produces large amounts of geothermal energy is Indonesia. Evidenced by the many volcanoes and hot springs there.

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Well, those are some sources of thermal energy that you need to know. If it’s not clear, you can read it over and over again.