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Causes of Floods: One of them is Due to Wrong Human Activities

Causes of Floods

Causes of Floods: One of them is Due to Wrong Human Activities – When the rainy season comes, we often hear that some areas are hit by floods. Especially in the lower areas. Do you know why floods happen? What caused it? In this article we will discuss about causes of floods!

Causes of Floods

Flood is a natural disaster that can be caused by human activities. Indeed, the main cause of flooding comes from high rainfall, but humans also play a role in the occurrence of floods.

Floods are very detrimental to humans. Humans clear forest land for agriculture and settlement, that’s ok. But the problem is when the process goes unchecked and violates the rules. In fact, the role of the forest is important as a rainwater catchment area. When it rains heavily, water falls frequently without any permeation. What happened? The water went wild and out of control!

Forests that become residential land are no longer able to absorb rainwater. That will result in rainwater continue to flow on the ground surface to lower areas.

If the drainage is good, the water will seep into the sewer, then into a large river which then flows into a torrent. However, if the drains are clogged with garbage, then water will pool in the streets. Puddles of water will gradually accumulate and become a flood.

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Another cause of flooding is overflowing river water. Shallow rivers and littered with garbage will reduce its capacity, so the air can overflow. If the rainfall is quite heavy and intense, then flooding can occur because the river water overflows.

It’s all actually caused by the public’s indifference to environmental cleanliness. Deforestation and waste disposal in waterways are human activities that can cause flooding. If felling is not accompanied by replanting, then there will be not only floods but also landslides.

The impact of flooding is very detrimental materially and immaterially. Houses, furniture, and electronic equipment are damaged, daily activities are disrupted.

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In addition, if flooding occurs for a long time, it can cause disease due to unhealthy sanitation.

In conclusion, to prevent flooding, everyone should keep the environment and forests clean. Start with the simplest small things, such as not littering, cleaning the living environment, and planting trees on vacant land.

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Let’s together keep nature in harmony with the environment to avoid flooding.