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Liquid Food for Sick Cats You Need To Know

Liquid Food for Sick Cats You Need To Know

Liquid Food for Sick Cats You Need To Know – Who doesn’t feel sad when our cat is sick? Of course, for cat lovers, this will be very uneasy. Well, one thing that needs to be considered when we want our cats to recover is to pay attention to their diet, one of which is to give liquid food for sick cats.

Proper feeding is a must, because it will speed up recovery. Well, below, we will convey some liquid foods that are suitable for sick cats, along with a detailed explanation.

Some Liquid Food for Sick Cats

Having a sick cat certainly makes our hearts uneasy, especially if the cat doesn’t want to eat. Well, here are some liquid food for sick cats that can speed up healing process:

1. Minced meat and pasta

If you feed the cat rice and chicken, but when they are sick and have no appetite, you need to look for other foods that have the same nutrition as the main food. Or even more!

One of the main foods that can be used when a cat is sick is pasta and minced meat. This combination may sound strange, but a liquid food like pasta will be great for a sick cat. Meanwhile, minced meat can provide high protein for cats, so the cat’s healing process will be faster.

To prepare this menu, first you need to boil the minced meat. Do not fry it, because it can hurt the cat’s stomach. For pasta, you also need to cook it first before mixing it with boiled minced meat.

2. Medication and Tuna Water Mix

Sick cats should be taken to the vet for check, then the cat will be given the right medicine. Medication can be given to cats by mixing it with tuna water.

The medicine given to the cat will have a healing effect for the cat. The problem is, not all cats like the smell and taste of the medicine.

For that reason, you need to mix the medicine with tuna water. Cats love the smell of tuna, and it’s tuna water that creates that smell. You can get tuna water in tuna cans, by taking the juice only.

When the medicine mixes with the tuna water, without the cat knowing it, they also eat the medicine.

3. Classic food

Another liquid food for sick cats is classic food. The classic food we mean is a mixture of rice and chicken made like oatmeal.

Most cats like the taste of this rice and chicken. In addition to delicious taste, this mixture also has good nutrition, although the nutrition is not as good as tuna fish.

4. Baby food

Baby food can go into liquid food for sick cats. This food is great for accelerating growth in sick cats because baby food is made simple and does not contain harmful food ingredients.

However, baby food usually contains taurine, where taurine itself is an important nutrient for cats which can later accelerate the growth process, and healing.

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Healthy Food For Sick Cats

From the various foods above, it turns out that there are many more healthy foods and liquid food for sick cats that are very good for consumption to speed up the healing process.

The following are some nutritious and healthy foods for sick cats, including:

1. Dandelion flower

Dandelion flowers are a super nutritious cat food, and definitely healthy. Expert opinion states that this flower contains nutrients that can cure allergies in cats.

In addition, this flower will make the cat’s digestion good. You need to know, health problems related to cats are generally from digestion such as diarrhea. So, dandelion flowers are very appropriate to give to cats with digestive problems.

How to consume it is to cut it into small pieces, then wash it clean, then dry the flowers until there is no water left at all.

2. Mixed food in liquid form

Liquid food for sick cats is important because when a cat is sick, the food given must be in liquid form.

One of these foods is chicken soup. Chicken soup will provide good nutrition for the cat, besides the soup will provide warmth to the cat’s stomach, so the cat will have a calm demeanor even when he is sick.

How to make chicken soup for cats is also very easy, first by taking chicken broth and yeast, then mixing it with medicine. Mix all these ingredients with water and tomato juice, boil until cooked, then the chicken soup is ready to be served.

3. Packaged food

When we want to give packaged food to a sick cat, the thing we need to pay attention to is that the food is in liquid food condition. Packaged food in the form of a paste is highly recommended for sick cats.

The advantage of packaged foods is that we don’t have to bother making and mixing them. What’s more, packaged food is more effective and efficient because you only need to open it and give it directly to the cat, without getting your hands dirty in the process.

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How To Give Liquid Food To Sick Cats

After we know the liquid food for sick cats that we can give, the next step is to know how to feed sick cats.

Feeding a sick cat is different from feeding a healthy cat. As for how to feed a sick cat, including the following:

1. Serve food in wet and watery conditions

The first way to feed a cat is to give it wet food, because cats prefer wet food.

Why do cats prefer wet food?

Wet food will smell stronger than dry food. Besides that, liquid food for sick cats will be easier to digest than solid food. Solid food is more time-consuming and labor-intensive for cats to digest. Therefore, wet food is recommended for sick cats.

2. Hand feeding

Another way to feed your cat is to use your hands directly, or hand feeding. You can do this if your cat doesn’t want to eat on its own. We can do this by using semi-wet food. As for how to feed a sick cat with our hands as follows:

  • Take a small amount of wet food, then compact it and form the size of a cat’s mouth.
  • We need to position the cat in a supine position on its side so that it is easy for the cat to be fed food.
  • The next step is to use the index finger and thumb of the left hand to open the cat’s mouth, or it can be another way so that the cat can open its mouth.
  • After the cat opens its mouth, then we need to immediately feed the cat.
  • After the food enters the mouth, the next step is to briefly close the cat’s mouth so that the food in the cat’s mouth does not come out.
  • Repeat these steps until the food we have prepared is eaten by the cat. That way we can provide nutrition to the cat’s so that they can speed up the recovery process.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but if there’s no other way, you have to keep doing it, so they get their nutrition.

3. Using a syringe or pipette

If the two methods above do not work, another way of giving liquid food for sick cats you can do is using a syringe or pipette to force-feed the cat.

It sounds harsh, but don’t worry, you won’t hurt the cat.

Note that if you want to feed this way, you will need to prepare food that is moist and has a mushy texture. The steps are:

  • Use a syringe/pipette that is not too big, we can use a syringe with a size of 3 cc or 5 cc.
  • Soak in hot water the syringe/pipette that we will use.
  • Insert the tool in the cat’s mouth and push the food into the cat’s mouth, at this time we need to do it slowly and gently. Don’t be in a hurry because it can make the cat feel annoying.
  • Use a wet tissue or cloth to clean up spilled food residue.
  • We can wrap the cat in a towel so that the cat doesn’t go wild.

4. Provide High Nutrient Food

The frequency of eating sick cats will not be as often as when they are healthy. Therefore, you need to prepare a high-nutrition diet, so that your cat still gets enough daily nutrition like when they were healthy.

Just like humans, sick cats also need high nutritional intake. In this condition, they will lack nutrition because they have difficulty eating.

Indeed, foods that are high in nutrition are usually more expensive, but you need to give them when they are sick. When they heal, you can feed them as usual.

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Yes, those are some recommendations for liquid food for sick cats that we can give, hopefully this article can provide good benefits for cat lovers in curing sick cats. The foods we mentioned above are foods that have guaranteed quality and nutrition. Furthermore, you can consult with your vet for more complete information.