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How to Keep Cats Off Your Car (13 Easy Methods)

how to keep cats off your car

How to Keep Cats Off Your Car – What comes to your mind when you find a cat sleeping on the hood or around a car? Are you angry and upset that it is likely to scratch your car’s paint?

Even though it’s harmless, of course you will be very annoyed when you see a cat’s paw or scratch marks on the car’s paint.

Cat owners or those who don’t keep them are often annoyed with this animal’s habits, because he likes to hang out above or lie under the car.

Perhaps one of the reasons cats like to rest around cars – especially on the hood, is because it’s a warm place. So that the cat feels comfortable while there.

Cats instinctively seek warm places, especially during rainy or cold seasons. Under the dark hood of the car is also chosen by cats as a safe place to take shelter.

But another thing that becomes a danger is, when they sleep under the car. You don’t see them, and you could kill them. Of course you can’t check under the car every time you want to drive, right?

I can’t say much more, because obviously that is very annoying for you.

How to keep cats off your car? There are several easy methods that you can do.

Installing Ultrasonic Sound

Ultrasonic sound can keep cats off your car. The shrill voice makes the ears of even humans become deaf. That way, the cat will move away because he is not comfortable with the sound.

You can get ultrasonic sound on the mobile application.

Using Strong Smells Spices

Some kitchen spices have a very strong smell. For example, pepper, chili powder, mint leaves and lemon fruit.

Of course if you sprinkle the spices around your car, cats won’t dare to come close because the smell can annoy them.

Anti Mosquito Spray (Lavender or Rosemary)

Besides being able to protect the body from mosquito bites, it turns out that anti-mosquitoes are also hated by cats.

Spray the liquid on the hood of the car, or wherever the cat often rests. That way, the cat will stay away because he doesn’t like the smell. Choose lavender and rosemary scents.

Clean the Parking Area of Food Leftovers

Parking areas that have a lot of leftovers will bring stray cats to come. Yes, of course they will come to the food.

Therefore, a clean parking space is a must if you want to keep cats off your car. The point is, don’t do anything that provokes them to sleep in your car.

Cover The Car

Even if the car is in the garage, sometimes the cat just doesn’t care. They are still resting on the hood of the car or its surroundings.

Use a cover for the car. With this cover, even if there is a cat on the hood, at least the car is still protected.

Not only that, using a car cover can also keep the car body from dirt such as dust, tree sap, and bird droppings.


Mothballs are not only effective at repelling insects, it also annoying for cats.

You can put some mothballs around the car, or wherever the cat’s favorite place is. Usually they like to be on the hood, roof or around the car.

Be careful, keep the mothballs away from children!

Orange Peel

Another strong smell that cats don’t like is orange peel. You can put orange peel around your car, and it will keep the cats off your car.

But you have to be careful. The acid from the orange is likely to damage your car’s paint. For that, you should not put it on the hood or roof of the car.

Keep the Garage Away from the Cat Cage

This method is specially for cat owners. It’s a good idea to keep the cat cage, or cat play area, away from your garage.

Remember, your cat is precious, and so is your car. So you will not be willing if one of them is hurt.

It’s best if your garage or parking lot is clean of any pets.

Motion-Activated Lights

This light will turn on if the sensor in it detects motion. Well, the lights that turn on suddenly will make cats startle and choose to stay away.

The point is to surprise them and discourage them from staying. You can do other things besides using this tool.

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Don’t Let It Idle for Too Long

Instead of leaving it idle for too long, it’s best to use the car as often as possible. This of course will keep the cats off your car.

If the car breaks down so it can’t run, the car owner should check the hood regularly.

Car Parking in the Right Location

The habit of parking carelessly by car owners – for example in an easily accessible open area, it can invite cats to come.

Parking in the hot sun may also attract more cats than cars parked in closed garages. Make sure the car is parked in the right location, at least in a private garage where cats won’t go.

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Splash with Water

Another way to keep cats off your car is to splash water, but it’s not like you bathe yourself. Just splash with your hands in front of the cat’s face.

If you do this method, the cat will quickly go away on its own. And they won’t want to relax in your car anymore because they scare.

However, the water you use must be crystal clean, not dirty water like leftovers, because it will hurt the cat.

Use the Horn

The last easy method how to keep cats off your car is to honk the horn before the car is started. This method will not hurt them, it will only shock them.

A loud honk will scare and startle any cat who may be hiding under your car.

Not only cats, humans will be surprised if they hear a sudden horn sound.

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Those are some ways to keep cats off your car. Please use the method that is suitable for you.