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How to Get a Slim Thick Body without Diet

how to get a slim thick body without diet

How to Get a Slim Thick Body without Diet – Today, fast food is getting more and more popular, and it comes under various names. Many people prefer to eat fast food over healthy food. Not only because it’s fast, but also it’s cheap and tastes (mostly) better than healthy food.

So, don’t be surprised if today more and more people are having problems with overweight. In the end, they will find a thousand ways to get a slim thick body.

For them – especially women who have problems with being overweight, this is a disaster. It can make them feel insecure. Of course, everyone wants a proportional body and slim, not the other way around!

However, not everyone who has the problem of being overweight success to lose their weight. Most people are lazy to diet because the process is so hard. And of course, takes a long time to get optimal results.

Well, if you are a lazy dieter but want to get a slim and proportional body, try how to get a slim thick body without diet below.

Don’t miss breakfast

If someone says, “if you want to be slim, don’t eat in the morning,” then they are wrong. In fact, if you want to slim down without trying hard to diet, you should have breakfast.

It’s like a vehicle that needs fuel to get energy, our bodies too, but the fuel is food.

If you eat irregularly, especially if you skip breakfast, you may feel hungrier during the day. Guess what happened? You will overeat and fail to lose weight!

Drink before eating

Everyone knows water is good for our health, but more than that, water can help keep up our weight.

By drinking before eating, you will fill your stomach and end up eating less.

If you eat less, the calories that enter your body are not much, so your weight can be stable or even down.

Don’t eat after 7pm

Many people who are on a diet always avoid dinner. In fact, dinner is okay, but you need to choose a healthy dinner menu.

For example, avoid calories and replace them with protein or fruit. And try not to eat any food after 7pm.

Eat small portions

Eating on a big plate always tempts us to finish our food. To avoid you eat in large portions, you should choose to eat on small plates. This will help you cut the portion of your food indirectly.

If you want to get slim body, you have to do this every day.

Chew your food properly

If you don’t want all the calories of food to enter your body, then chew your food properly.

Chewing food for a long time can help digestion better, so it will indirectly limit your portion size.

Therefore, you should chew your food about 30 to 50 times per mouthful.

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Last on how to get a slim thick body is to walk regularly. This can reduce fat in your body and your body will feel healthier.

You can walk anywhere, such as to parks, offices, around the house, malls, markets and wherever you want.

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Actually, how to get a slim thick body above are very simple and sound trivial. But believe me, if you get used to it, a slim thick body is not a dream!