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8 Baby Chameleon Foods to Accelerate Growth

Baby Chameleon Foods to Accelerate Growth

8 Baby Chameleon Foods to Accelerate Growth – Many keepers think that the type of food for baby chameleons is the same as for adults, when in fact they are not. Chameleon babies prefer food that is small, at least 1 to 1.5 of the size of its mouth, or even smaller.

In addition to eating insects, baby chameleon food can also be in the form of fruits and vegetables. But these fruits and vegetables cannot be used as staple foods. They are for variety only. But sometimes there are also baby chameleons who don’t want to eat them. This is closely related to the personality and habits that the chameleon baby already has.

Giving chameleon babies a variety of foods in the form of fruits and vegetables is certainly good for meeting their nutritional and vitamin needs. So, the keeper should give vegetables and fruit food as a variation at least once a week. In addition to meeting nutritional needs, providing a variety of foods is also aimed at getting them used to it.

But you need to pay attention, before giving any food, especially vegetables and fruit, be sure to wash it first and cut it into small pieces to fit the size of the baby chameleon’s mouth. There’s no need to add salt or other seasonings, as the chameleon won’t like it. But it is recommended to add special vitamin and calcium powder for reptiles to it.

For more details, here are some foods that you can give to baby chameleons.

1. Caterpillar

First, baby chameleon food is the caterpillar. Caterpillars are often considered pests and people are disgusted. However, many pets need it to meet their protein needs, including baby chameleons.

Caterpillars can be found anywhere, especially in agricultural areas, yards, forests, and plantations. Some signs that caterpillars are there are broken leaves (hollows), and visible caterpillar droppings around the plant.

2. Small Grasshopper

This little grasshopper is also an insect that can be found anywhere, including in forests, gardens, rice fields, or also in the yard. They have antennae that are shorter than their bodies. Able to make sound by rubbing the hind femur with the front wing or when flapping the wings when trying to fly.

The difference between male and female grasshoppers lies in their size. Female grasshoppers generally have a larger bodies than male grasshoppers.

They have a fairly high protein and calcium content, so they can make chameleons grow faster.

3. Small Cricket

Many people know that crickets are good food for birds. That’s because of its high protein content. However, you can give baby chameleons too, but small ones.

Crickets have 3 types of body parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. Generally, crickets also have a redhead and two antennae near the eyes.

These crickets are also known to have compound eyes. This means that he has many eyes, but these compound eyes can only function at night to find prey. So if you want to find crickets, it’s better during the day and near people’s fields. Some pet shops also provide crickets.

4. Morio worm

This Morio worm has a small size, about 50 to 60 mm. In order for baby chameleons to be fed with morio worms, it would be best to look for smaller morio worms.

Most reptiles also prefer Morio worms over other worms, because they are softer in texture so they are easy to digest.

5. Mango Fruit

In addition to animal protein as above, you can also give fruits and vegetables to baby chameleons as a nutritional supplement. Mango fruit is one of them.

This tropical fruit is quite easy to get anywhere. Well, the caretaker can feed the baby chameleon with mango flesh that has been chopped into small pieces.

There are many nutrients in this mango fruit. Including carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, fat, protein, and vitamins that will be very useful for the growth of the chameleon baby.

6. Tomato

Next, baby chameleon food is tomatoes. Tomatoes are also fruits that are easy to find in supermarkets. Whenever you look for it, it is always there because this fruit is often used as a cooking ingredient.

Known to be good for human health, tomatoes are also good for baby chameleons. The content of vitamin C contained in it will support the growth and development of chameleon babies.

Before feeding the chameleon with tomatoes, it would be better if you cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier for your pet to digest it. Don’t forget to wash thoroughly before giving.

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7. Spinach leaf

Without a doubt, spinach is very good for human health, it is also good for your baby chameleon. Fiber is very good for the chameleon’s digestive system.

These vegetables are cheap and easy to get, so you can feed your baby chameleon more often.

Before feeding the chameleon with spinach leaves, it would be better if it was finely chopped first and washed thoroughly.

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8. Carrots

If you want to feed your baby chameleon more regularly with carrots, it’s better to look for organic ones.

Before feeding with carrots, it is better if these carrots are cooked first. Because if it is not cooked first, the baby chameleon will not be able to digest it perfectly. You know, carrots are hard-textured. And don’t forget, cut into small pieces the size of a chameleon’s mouth.

Food variations are needed by baby chameleon, besides aiming to meet nutritional needs, a varied diet will also keep animals away from stress. Those are the 8 baby chameleon foods to accelerate growth.