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10 Ways to Become an Unforgettable Popular Kid

10 Ways to Become an Unforgettable Popular Kid

10 Ways to Become an Unforgettable Popular Kid – Become a popular kid is a dream for anybody. Who won’t become popular? People know who he is and want to be like him.

However, become a popular kid isn’t that easy to get. Except you want become a popular in a negative ways, it’s a piece of cake. But popular in positive ways you need an extra effort to do.

This gonna be the best ways to become an unforgettable popular kid.

1. High-achieving

Whether you want it or not, you must have a good achieving if you want people around know you as a good person.

Become a high-achieving person will be like by your friends also the parents.

And sometimes your parents will make you as a role model for their kids.

We know it’s hard to get the high-achieving, but there’s nothing impossible to do. You do your best at everything as long as you try as persistent in a subject that you do.

You definitely know what steps you have to take to make this!

2. Friendly Person

Logically, if you want become a popular but you won’t to know people around you. How so?

Before known by the others, it’s better to know well how’s the neighborhood first. And try to have a good relationship with all of them regardless of their background.

Popular kid is a friendly kid. Being sociable with whoever with no identify their status.

If you’re friendly, wherever you are, you’ll be recognized and be greeted by the others as long as you can keep the good connection with ‘em. At least you have zero problem with them.

3. Be an Honest Person

Sure thing! Become an honest person will make the others happy. This is one of the way to know well because of the honesty.

In a social circumstances, the one who’s the most being hate is the one who’s lie all the time.

In other word, if you lied once you’ll make another lie in the next day and repeat it all the time. And all negativity vibes will haunt you wherever you are.

The worst thing, once you’re caught lying, then you will be blacklisted by your friends.

Even tho you saying it right, who wants to belive?

Because you already known as a liar!

Therefore, being an honest person is the key to be a popular kid in needed permanently.

4. Being More “I’m All Ears”

Being person who could listen in any ways isn’t an easy skill to do, because one of us is more like to speak and not listen. Especially for friend’s problems.

This is not mean if you have to be as a listener continuously, but you have to keep yourself to speak.

Give your opponent to express their expressions, then you start to talk when he already calm down. You know when the time is right to speak.

And stop to talk in the time he’s talking to you, let him finish his sentences then it’s your turn to give your response.

Learn about how to listen the others problem well, therefore people around you will close to you and want to be your best friend.

5. Humorous

Next step how to become a popular kid is have the high taste of humour. Not really that high, instead you can make people laugh because of you.

Humorous person usually liked by all circles, the young or the old. Everyone will happy close to you because you considered to make people happy with your jokes.

If you want to have the sense of humorous, try to socialize with funny people or maybe you can watch the Stand Up Comedy. This is not bad as a reference jokes as long as you get along.

6. Look Cool

For sure, popular kid will look cool as coolest as it seems, but not in extra dress up. Anything in excess has more negatives than positives.

How the way your face look is not really important. The most is you look interesting and not boring all the time.

Furthermore, if you can dress up in different way. Quite likely, they will copy-paste your look. And then you’ll be more popular!

The one thing you have to remember is no need to compel yourself to look different. Stop overreact to your look!

7. Don’t Take It Personally

If you’re a “Feeling Into It” person ever, this is never happen to you to become popular kid. Yet, they will stay away from you.

As we know, everyone has feelings, but you have to be smart to keep yourself to not take everything personally.

This is important, because in social circles are full with jokes, then you have to be patient more to face your friends.

If you get anger in any things, people will not comfortable with you. Then, how could you be a popular kid?

8. Expert In Any Thing

People who expert in any things will be approached by anyone. Even tho for his expertise.

In addition,people who could do any things, usually will step into any circles and needed as a various purpose.

So, there will be no wrong become an expert in any things, right?

9. Active In Activities

If you’re a student in high school or a college, step to become a popular kid is being active in any activities.

Moreover, you should active in organizations that already exist. The more organizations that you follow, of course you’ll be more famous.

10. Be Different

People will remember you because you’re not like the others. Because you have your own style.

Become a different person from the others is the one thing you can do to become a popular kid that you can try. This is will make you unforgettable person ever.

Remember for being different in positive ways! Not because the excess ways or in negative things.

The more important, being different but in the right track and not break the rules.

You can be whoever you wanna be as a different person, such as because of the look, skills that not everyone has it or because of your jokes that genuinely unique.

Whatever that you take for being popular, make sure it will be in positive ways and not harm people around you. So, become an unforgettable kid ever.