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Science Fiction is Fun

Science Fiction is Fun

Science Fiction is Fun – Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, be it towards the future or backward to the past. Time traveling to the past and correcting our mistakes, surely we thought about it at least once in our life. Does that possible? The answer is probably yes!

Now that we are talking about science fiction, let’s run our imagination wild!

We are going to the past through the astral plane via astral projection. Yes, astral projection is part of science fiction, our consciousness is part of quantum physics. So yeah, we don’t stray from our topic, yet.

Now, we are in the past by injecting our consciousness into our old body and then you remember that you have heard about many of paradoxes like the “Grandfather Paradox” if you try to alter the timeline. But, what if there is another theory that differs from paradoxes and you can “safely alter” the timeline? Even if you did something to change your past but you still ended up in the “very same” future?

To put it simply about this theory, imagine you are about to go to your university from your house. There are a lot of ways to go to your university, you can walk, you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a motorcycle, can drive a car, can ride a taxi, can ride a bus, crawl, or even teleport if it is possible.

Your house is the starting point, your university is the current future, and what method you use to get to the university is what you call “the past”. Whichever method you use, you will still end up in your university. This is what I mean by “safely altering” the past.

If in the past you choose to ride a bus and now you choose to drive a car instead, a group of events that happened when you ride a bus will not happen. When you go back to the future, things you have remembered will cease to exist from other people but you will still have both memories from where you choose to ride a bus and drive a car.

At this point, you succeed in altering the past, you decide to go back to the future only to find out nothing else changed except your past, I believe it is quite tempting, “finally I can erase my dark past”.
Will there be any consequences just like the other paradoxes or effects? I think so, at this point, the “Butterfly Effect”, “Mandela Effect”, etc will happen no matter how small the scale is.

Like every other theory, this theory also has many loopholes. Let’s hope that time travel to the past is possible in the future through science without fiction and we can prove which theory that is going to work in our world, their connection with quantum physics and god particles.

“Without a fact, any supernatural phenomenon is called Magic. Magic that has a fact, is called Science”