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Top 7 Scary Ritual Games to Play In The World

Top 7 Scary Ritual Games to Play In The World – In Fact, the mystic things still popular in this world. Almost in every country has their own mystical story, belonging to the scary ritual games to play.

Not only for the mystical stories, the games that has supernatural things can be the most satisfying object for mystical lovers. In fact, they also play the games.

Then, what is the scariest ritual games to play in the world? Here’s the lists to know!

To whom it may concern: This is for knowledge purposes only, not for a really game to do. Please be wise and don’t ever try this at home!

1. Charlie-charlie


In Central America, there’s a ritual game to summon a ghost that recently popular, that’s Charlie-Charlie.

Basically, this game has purpose to summon a spirit for answering the people’s questions who plays.

The mystical game comes from Mexico that use two pencils and paper to play. The pencils are stacked up form the crossbar and in every blank sheet written with “Yes” and “No”.

After chanting a special spell, then the upper pencil will move that direct to choose the “Yes”. And the game will start.

The point of this game is same such as debriefing, but the answer is “yes” and “No” only.

But, there is a few things can’t be answered. Such as love life, death or financial. The rest, the spirit of Charlie’s game can answer all questions.

After the questions answered, the game is over. To finish this game, it needs some peculiar ritual like reading the mantra to escort a spirit be off, break the pencils also burn the paper.

2. Bambu Gila


Indonesia also has the scariest ritual game to play, it called bambu gila (crazy bamboo).

This game is originated from Maluku. In fact, this traditional game already exist before the religions get in such as Islam and Christ to that place.

Bambu Gila is a invisible game which the bamboo can be budge itself with no one stir it.

Initially, a shaman will cast a spell to call out a spirit to enter the bamboo. Then the players are holding it tight.

After that, the spirit will come in to the bamboo and make moves itself hither and thither.

Because the moves can be controled, hence, this game called as Crazy Bamboo. This mystical game also known as “Baramasewel”.

Besides use specific bamboo, the players couldn’t be as ordinary people too.

Therefore, the players are required to use the red cloth from top to toe such as pants and headband. But, they are not allowed to use shirt a.k.a topless..

Uniquely, the shaman can set the moves of bamboo with the music as accompaniment.

3. Jailangkung


Apart from Bambu Gila, Jailangkung is game to summon a ghost that most popular in Indonesia.

This game also aim to call out a spirit, then entered in to specific media. The media will moves to state the answer.

In general, the media for this game is use the wood that shape as a doll. Then, for the head is used by the coconut shell.

There’s many version of Jailangkung that revolve in Indonesia. Such as Lukah Gilo as Minangkabau society’s version, Nini Thowok as Java people’s version and another version of it.

Even tho there’s a different to pronounce the Jailangkung, the style of the games is also the same.

The steps to play Jailangkung usually play with three people, two of them as a holder of the doll and the other one is to chanting the spell.

Normally, the players will ask to the doll for any things and the Jailangkung will answer the question with the movements.

After the questions answered, the players need to ask to the spirit of Jailangkung to leave the game.

If it’s not to do, the spirit will inconvenience to the players like trances and occult interferences.

Jailangkung usually played in the quite and haunted place. Also this horror game will be played in the end of the day.

4. Ouija


Next, for the scary ritual games to play is Ouija that use the boards as a tool.

The origin of this ritual game is not clear. Some sources argue that the ouija come from China, some believe originated from Europe.

However, since the Ouija become a popular as a paranormal game, strange things began to happen, such as the temperature can be soared suddenly, the objects around that moves itself or the mysterious messages.

The scariest thing that occur and report happens on US, which the board of Ouija fly by itself.

Basically, Ouija is just like any other ghost summoning game, presenting spirits or communicating with the supernatural things.

Although the modern people will never believe with irrational things like this. But, this also as a proof that Ouija is a popular game. It can be proven with many horror films use ouija things.

5. Bloody Mary


Another popular scary ritual games to play is Bloody Mary, where the players call out the spirits of the witch with particular ritual.

If the ritual to summon the Bloody Mary succeed, there will be seen a sightings of a woman full with blood and anger.

The ritual is so simple to do. That’s facing into a mirror with a candle on hand and say “Blody Mary” as much as certain numbers.

Unfortunately, not every summon works well. There’s a succeed also a failure and nothing is happen.

6. Baby Blue


Similar to the bloody mary, this scary ritual games to play also performs spirit summoning by looking at the mirror. But, who will appear is a soul of a woman with a baby.

Technically, a person stands facing the mirror, then chants a certain mantra while stick out the hands. If you feel heavy on your hands, it’s a signs that the spirit of a woman already give a baby to you.

If you’re afraid, then throw it to the closet and flush as much as you can. If it’s not, maybe the spirit will always appear from the mirror.

7. Daruma San


Step to the East, there’s a game that quite popular. It is Daruma San. Yeah, as a name, this ghost summoning game originated in Japan.

To play the Daruma San is basically simple. In the beginning, the player is soaking in a bathtub. While bathing, the player chants a special spell.

If it succeed, there’s a sightings of a spirit who her head fall and sticking out onto the tap.

Not only for that. The sightings only for the beginning. In the next day is a real game!

Remember, all the above scary ritual games to play just for knowledge only, not for you to play around!