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Top 7 Scary and Weird Deep-Sea Creatures

Top 7 Scary and Weird Deep-Sea Creatures – The ocean still has a million hidden mysteries. Naturally, because most of the Earth’s surface is water, there are still many unexplored areas, inhabited by mysterious deep-sea creatures.

That is what drives researcher’s curiosity to always explore these mysteries. Including mysterious deep-sea creatures with strange shapes and unique abilities.

If you are curious about the appearance of these scary deep-sea creatures, we have made a list. Keep scrolling!

1. Fangtooth


Definitely named after its shape, with its long teeth and looks like a vampire, Fangtooth fish inhabit extreme ocean waters.

If you look at the ratio between the body and teeth, this fish has a fairly striking comparison, where the size of the teeth is larger than its body.

While it may look scary, this endangered fangtooth only grows to about 16 cm in length.

2. Ghost-like Fish

Ghost Fish

This ghost-like creature was discovered by scientists in July 2016. It was during the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Okeanos Explorer research mission (NOAA).

It also marks the first time this “ghost fish” belongs to the Aphyonidae family.

This fish was first seen swimming along the ridge, at a depth of 2,500 meters, at the Mariana Trench National Monument. This protected area covers 246,608 square kilometers of eastern Philippines.

The “ghost fish” has translucent, scaly looking skin with colorless eyes.

At first glance, this deep-sea creature is indeed like a ghost with a transparent body.

3. Giant Crustaceans

Giant Crustacea

Next, no less terrifying, is the giant crustacean. This shrimp is one of the seven “supergiant” amphipods.

Scientists discovered giant crustaceans in 2011, when they explored one of the deepest trenches on Earth, in the Kermadec Trench, on New Zealand’s northeast coast.

This deep-sea creature is 20 times larger than other types of crustaceans.

The supergiant amphipod (Alicellagigantea) was found 6 kilometers away on the Kermadec Trench, according to the researchers.

4. Megamouth Shark

Megamouth Shark

The next scary deep-sea creature is the Megamouth Shark. As the name implies, this fish has a large mouth that extends past its eyes, and of course its super sharp teeth.

They hunt fish and krill by sucking them in while swimming, similar to many whales.

Unfortunately, this shark is rarely seen because of its small numbers and that lives in the deep-sea. Unlike common sharks, which often swim closer to the surface of the ocean.

5. Deadly Sea Cucumber

Deadly Sea Cucumber

The next scary deep sea creature is the Deadly Sea Cucumber. These animals are bottom dwellers, who spend all their time tracing the seabed.

However, you should not be fooled by his appearance that seems tame and harmless. These creatures store dangerous toxic chemicals.

When they are shocked or under attack by predators, some species of sea cucumbers are able to release a toxic chemical called holothurin.

Holothurin can kill or at least shock any animal within its range.

So, be careful if you see this dangerous creature!

6. Spotted Handfish


The spotted handfish (Brachionichthys hirsutus) is a rare and endangered Australian marine fish.

The pectoral fins look like short arms. By using this feature, handfish can swim and look like they’re “walking” on the seabed.

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7. Crimson Jellyfish

Crimson Jellyfish

A deep-sea jellyfish, blood-red Atollawyvillei emits a creepy blue light when under attack by predators.
Its bioluminescent lights flicker in a hypnotic flywheel pattern, swirling around its body.

Those are 7 scary and weird deep-sea creatures that are rarely seen in person. Understandably, where they live is difficult to reach by humans.