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5 Ways to Handle Toxic People Around Us

5 Ways to Handle Toxic People Around Us

5 Ways to Handle Toxic People Around Us – Do you feel bad after interact with someone? If it’s yes, maybe you already face the toxic people.

Term of “Toxic” is so popular recently that belong to someone who can give the negative impact for yourself.

The traits of toxic people are always complain, talk about negative things, high ego, propensity to create conflict or full of manipulative.

If you meet people like that, go away is a better way to do and not meet ‘em and infect you with a lot of bad things.

Yet, because of one thing or another reason. You’re really hard to avoid from those people. Such as he’s your colleague. Will you resign from your job? It’s impossible to do.

Or this person is really exist in your circle? It’s hard to avoid, isn’t it?

It’s harder to be in anti-toxic circle, because of that there always have one or two toxic persons in it.

If it so, you don’t have to eschew, but you can try a few ways to handle toxic people as below:

1. Just Ignore!

One of trait from toxic people are always looking for attention. The purpose is absolutely to get whole attention from people around him.

He can do anything that makes all the people stare at him or just notice. Such as talking loud, cut off during the conversation even tho being dominant seems like he’s the most right person ever.

If you feel this already exaggerated, it’s better to ignore him as a toxic people just take it easy as load of nonsense.

If you’re too focus with him, it can be possible that you’ll triggered and try to put up a fight. It’s just wasting your time and energy only.

2. Find a Way to End The Convo

Toxic people will always looking for a friend to talk who can be support them. For example when he’s complaining about his life, if you’re support his gripe then you already drown into his rhythm.

Actually if you find a case like above. No need to attend about your problem or try to support his problem. The better way to do is to give him support and find the best solution.

If you can’t handle it, it’s time for you to end the conversation. You’re only wasting your time to face toxic person.

It’s not aim to not respect your opposite, but you have to protect yourself and mind from toxic people because of it can be affect to your mind and your habits into bad thing.

3. Focus On Your Goal!

If you have to deal with toxic people due of something, don’t let ‘em take your control.

Usually, those people are always being dominant and make the problem seems bigger. For that, you need to stay focus on your goal. Don’t let your goal is pointless because of this person.

Every time he wants to spread his way, you must reminder him about your purpose in the beginning. Remember, your purpose is just for a goal not for being as a close friend.

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4. Stay Controlled

There’s a time you wanna change someone into better way. That’s good! But no need to do this with toxic people level up!

Toxicity that gets worse has rooted in any ways of his life. Then, it’s really hard to relieve. It’s better to control yourself and not to change him. So you can’t get triggered by negative things for what he’s done.

This level up of toxic people is so smart to create something, control and make everything seems like he’s a victim for what happens.

If you have no control. Sure thing! You’ll be drowned by his story and you can be in first line to plead him as hard as you can.

So that, take control of yourself and keep your mind clear is a key to face this person.

5. Stay Mingle, Make Boundaries!

A wise way to handle toxic people around you is to make a boundary so clearly.

Because of a few things, you can’t run from the circle just because of one or two toxic people in it. It’s also not a good way to throw them from the circle.

The solution is to stay mingle with them, but make your own boundaries. Such as give a specific time to interact with them.

Or when he has already seen as a toxicity, so you can stay away or just ignore him and pretending you are giving him attention.